Annual Church Picnic

This year our annual church picnic was on August 18 at Cascade Lake in Hampstead.  Barb Darsch and Pat Ecker organized the event for us.  Bruce Darsch grilled hot dogs and hambergers while Ralph Dull prepared delicious corn on the cob.  Folks in the congregation brought in other main dishes, salads, and desserts to share.  Bob Schellhammer, our resident photographer, took the photos of the event below.

Dorothy's Work for the Church

Dorothy has been an extremely important part of Westminster Church of the Brethren over many decades.  She began singing in the choir when she was 19 years old and went on to direct the choir for 37 years.  Among her many accomplishments for the church were organizing a campaign to buy the church organ and initiating the Candlelight Service we still have annually.