CROP Hunger Walk

Each fall, Church World Service invites people all over the country to walk to end world hunger.  This year the Westminster CROP Hunger walk will follow a route that passes seven Westminster churches.  This is a 5K walk or about 3 miles.  Several churches along the route will offer water to drink and bathrooms to use.  Last year our area had 74 walkers from various churches and other organizations with Westminster Church of the Brethren among them.  Our church raised $900 to support our team.  Folks walking the CROP route may choose to go part of the way or walk the whole length.  The walk begins and ends at Grace Lutheran Church on Carroll Street.  Registration is at 1:30 PM at Grace Lutheran with the walk itself beginning at 2 PM.  To participate, contact the Westminster Church of the Brethren office at 410-848-8090, weekdays between 9 and 1.

Last Year...

Last year 107,000 people in 900 walks around the country raised $9,000,000 in an effort to end hunger.

One man who was 102 years old walked 20 steps to do his part to raise money.