Gardening Service

      A number of people have volunteered to work on the church garden beds.  One person regularly takes care of the roses.  

      This year under the leadership of Maureen McIver, many people helped to refurbish the garden bed in front of the church.  First, a group of eight people dug up all the perennials in the plot.  Then another person from the congregation tilled compost into the ground.  Following that, ten people replanted the perennials in a newly arranged design.  Next we added new shrubs and trees.

      In early May, we planted annuals to beautify the church property all summer long.

To help the Women's Club with their garden beds in Belle Grove Square, the park in front of our church, some church members spent a morning in late April

helping to clean out weeds and debris.

Helping the Women's Club

On April 24, people from our congregation will help the Women's Club clean out the garden beds in Belle Grove Square.  Belle Grove Square is a park which is situated between Westminster Church of the Brethren and St. Paul's United Church of Christ.