Community Spirit Coordinator


Function: This person is responsible for initiating, recruiting, promoting, organizing, and coordinating congregational social activities and service projects in the community, district and denomination.

Reportability: This person reports to the senior pastor. 

Accountability: This person is accountable to the senior pastor and to the Leadership Team for performance of his/her functions.


Key Duties and Responsibilities:          

  • Organize, promote and recruit for church social activities
  • Organize and recruit for congregational involvement in the community
  • Coordinate participation in district and denominational service projects
  • Work with ministry team advisory representatives
  • Keep the congregation informed of social activities and community service opportunities


Specific Functions (sorted by Values/Actions Statement):


  • Coordinate requests for personal assistance and track responses
  • Publicize and increase participation in FABB
  • Recruit and train volunteers to welcome new people
  • Create new small groups meeting in homes



  • Offer special events for children
  • Offer special events for youth in cooperation with Youth Advisors
  • Recruit children/youth to attend Shepherd’s Spring summer camp
  • Offer intergenerational activities
  • Encourage  participation in district and COB events and conferences



  • Develop annual community service projects
  • Encourage and report church and member service beyond the congregation
  • Foster ecumenical and inter faith relationships and involvement
  • Connect with local colleges for reciprocal volunteer activities
  • Open the church facilities to more community groups
  • Organize and promote participation in district and denominational service projects, such as disaster response, Shepherd’s Spring, Heifer Global Village, work camps, BVS
  • Organize and promote participation in ecumenical service projects, such as CROP walks, Shepherd’s Staff, Head Start
  • Work with coordinators to increase participation by youth and adults in Loaves and Fishes



  • Establish, convene at least quarterly, and work with an advisory group consisting of representatives from the Education Ministry Team, Fellowship Ministry Team, Witness Ministry Team, and Worship Ministry Team
  • Serve as staff liaison to the publicity team
  • Keep the congregation informed of upcoming plans and activities and report on completed events via the weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter, email, and church web site and face book page.
  • Oversee an event from inception to completion.
  • Participate in regular staff meetings
  • Attend Leadership Team meetings
  • Attend Ministry Team meetings as needed
  • Keep a log of and description of activities and hours worked.
  • This is a part time position, with no more than 20 hours weekly.

Contact Information

For more information on the position or to submit a resume, please contact the church office:

Phone: 410-848-8090

Fax: 410-848-0735