Lifetouch Photo Sessions

Lifetouch Photo Sessions

Good news! The appointment scheduling site for our upcoming time with Lifetouch photography to take photos for our new photo directory is ready.  Family or individual photos will be taken on Wednesday, February 5, and Thursday, February 6, from 1:30-9 PM, in the Fellowship Hall.  Put on your best smile and save the dates!

Our member site URL for signing up for a time slot for your photo session is


You may sign up on your own computer or see Jeanne Dussault after worship on Sundays to have her sign you up on her computer.  You may also contact the church office at 410-848-8090 to arrange scheduling an appointment.

NOTE: Once you are logged in you will notice some appointment times designated as "reserved." These are set as a way to manage the flow and provide your families with the best experience. Please do not use “reserved” times for appointments.

  The Church's Entry for the Festival

Westminster Church of the Brethren created an entry for the festival based on Heifer's Global Village at Shepherd's Spring camp in Sharpsburg, Maryland.  The purpose of the Global Village is to help students understand how people live in different places around the world and that we need to share to have enough to eat.

Barb Darsch headed the group that designed and built the entry.  Helping her were Marilyn Ebaugh and Jeanne Dussault.