Shepherd's Staff Help

Using money from a grant of $3500 provided by Brethren Disaster Ministries, our church purchased food and personal care items for Shepherd's Staff, a local agency that serves homeless and low-income people in the Westminster area.  A team of eight collected plastic bags.  A different team of five purchased the items both locally and online.  Three other teams of two or three folks assembled bags of items at the church, and another team delivered boxes of the bags to Shepherd's Staff                                          to use for their patrons.  

Beginning to End

The photos to the left show all the items set out in our Fellowship Hall, ready for teams to assemble the bags, plus the final boxes of bags ready for delivery.  Our church family made 65 food orders comprised of three bags each and 40 personal care item bags.  That ended up being 14 large boxes of food bags and 6 boxes of personal care items.