Women's Tea Party

Each spring, the ladies of the church, along with friends and family, attend our annual Women's Tea Party.  This year Barb Darsch organized and supervised food preparation and the set up of tables with able help from Jan Flora and Jeff Ibex.  Men of the church gave the ladies an afternoon off by serving several courses of a high tea.  Those serving this year were Pastor Glenn McCrickard, David Ebaugh, Wayne Fink, and Dave Flora.  Jeanne Dussault presented a slide show on Witness to the Host City, a donation program for a nonprofit organization in the city where the denomination's Annual Conference is held.  Bob Schellhammer took great photos of the whole event.

Members of the congregation donated items to make Hygiene Kits for Brethren Disaster Ministries to give out to victims of disasters.  At the Tea Party, attendees assembled 40 of these kits before sitting down to enjoy the delectable treats that accompanied a variety of teas.

Dorothy's Work for the Church

Dorothy has been an extremely important part of Westminster Church of the Brethren over many decades.  She began singing in the choir when she was 19 years old and went on to direct the choir for 37 years.  Among her many accomplishments for the church were organizing a campaign to buy the church organ and initiating the Candlelight Service we still have annually.