Special Services Offered

ANNOINTING: When a person is ill, facing surgery or special difficulties, an annointing service focuses God’s grace and support on the individual.

BAPTISM: The Church of the Brethren uses believers’ baptism, baptism when people can make a consious decision to become Christians in the Brethren church. We have a baptistry where people are baptised by immersion in a small tank of water. There is usually one baptismal service a year for all who wish to complete this ceremony. A person who is baptised in this fashion automatically becomes a member of our church. Another way to become a member is by affirmation of faith or through transfer from another church.

BLESSING THE CHILDREN: Instead of baptizing babies and small children, the Church of the Brethren has a special part of a Sunday service welcoming and blessing them into our community.

CANDLELIGHT SERVICE A special service of Christmas music and readings to go with the year's chosen theme occurs annually on the Sunday before Christmas. All music groups of the church perform during the service. The service begins at 7 PM and is followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall. If you love Christmas music, this is the service for you.

COMMUNION: The Westminster Church of the Brethren celebrates communion four times each year. In January and July, people in the congregation take communion as a regular part of the Sunday church service. Our denomination uses bread and grape juice for its communion. On Maundy Thursday (March or April) and World Wide Communion Sunday (November), our church has a special separate communion service called Love Feast. For Love Feast, we again have communion with bread and grape juice and add a simple meal accompanied by foot or hand washing for each other as Jesus did for his disciples.

WEDDINGS:  Weddings may be performed by one of our pastors for members of our congregation as well as for people who are not members.  Contact the church office at 410-848-8090 to initiate arrangements with a pastor and the wedding coordinator.

FUNERALS AND MEMORIAL SERVICES: At the Westminster Church of the Brethren, we believe in participating in funeral and memorial services to celebrate the lives of those who have passed on. Family members work with the pastor to arrange the service. If desired, the Deacons provide a funeral meal or light fare buffet at no cost to the grieving family for those who attend these services.