Our Ministry Teams

  • Education Team

    The Education Team provides materials and oversight for all Sunday School classes and Bible School sessions as well as for other educational special projects such as the Legacy Journey course which will start in the fall of 2018.  Sunday School Classes are as follows: Primary, Tweens, Youth (high school &college), Adult Parlor Bible Class, and  Sojourners Class.  Our library also is a part of the Education Team's work.  The current education chair is Sharon FranzĂ©n.

  • Deacons

    The Deacon Body is subdivided into different groups: Rites and Ordinances Team Member Support Team, Encouragement Team, Spiritual Support Team, and Crisis Team. All these teams work together to provide for the needs of the congregation, including arranging funeral meals as needed. Communion given twice a year during worship and also twice a year at Love Feast, which includes a simple meal and foot or hand washing.  The Deacon Body assists the Pastors in providing support for people in the congregation. This year's deacon chair is Barb Darsch.

  • Finance Team

    The Finance Team prepares the annual budget for the church and provides monthly financial statements. This team also keeps financial records, orders giving envelopes, and manages the church's investments. Another part of its charge is overseeing the Stewardship Team and the Fund Raising Team. The chair of the group is Jeanne Dussault. 

    The Stewardship Team highlights stewardship of our congregation's time, talent, and money during the year. It designs and implements the Stewardship Campaign during the month of October to encourage giving of time, talent and money. In the fall, the this team sponsors Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course on money management.  The current chair is Bruce Darsch. 

    The Fundraising Team raises money to add to the general church budget as well as to donate to charity.  For 2018, the fundraising events will be the Souper Bowl Luncheon on Sunday, February 4th, and a children's festival called Children's Summer Kick-Off on Saturday, June 2nd, in Belle Grove Square Park.  Current co-chairs are Barbara Darsch and Jeanne Dussault.

  • Leadership Team

    The Leadership Team is comprised of the leadership team chair, the moderator, all chairs of ministry teams, the deacon chair, the pastors, the community spirit coordinator, and the clerk. This group meets once every other month on the third Tuesday. Its purpose is to oversee the functioning of the church. The Leadership Chair for 2018 is Miller Davis.

  • Property Team

    The Property Team is responsible for maintaining the property and grounds of the church. This includes utilities, painting, repairs, capital projects, cleaning, and clean-up days. The custodian reports to this team.  

    Use of the facility can be arranged for members of the church, free of charge, and for outside groups or weddings, for a small fee.   Ernie Rice serves as chair this year.

  • Witness Team

    The Witness Team sends money to support designated organizations within the denomination and outside of it. It also arranges for off-budget donations to organizations which are not listed in the general budget.  Once a year, the Witness Team coordinates with St. Paul's United Church of Christ to hold an Interfaith Dinner with the Muslim Community of Carroll County.  

    Several teams such as Loaves and Fishes, F.A.B.B., and the Green Advocates operate under the umbrella of the Witness Team. Loaves and Fishes is a weekly soup kitchen ministry, which provides a meal to guests each Saturday at noon. Different area churches take turns providing the meal and members of Westminster Church act as hosts.  The F.A.B.B. group does handyman work for people in the congregation as well as agencies outside the church. The Green Advocates help our church and its members be aware of things they can do to help the environment.  Disaster Relief trips and Youth Work Camps are also part of our church's witness.  This year's co-chairs are Lisa Blevins and Susie Scott.

  • Worship Team

    The Worship Team plans and organizes our worship services. All music groups fall under the guidance of the Worship Team. These are the Bell Choir the and Senior Choir (traditional music).  Praise music is included in most worship services and led by Julie Richard and Liz Haff.  The Sanctuary Decorations Team and Tech Team are also under the Worship Team.