Shepherd's Staff Collections

Shepherd's Staff is a nonprofit agency providing assistance to those who are homeless, unemployed, and low-income workers.  Largely supported by churches, this agency is one that the Church of the Brethren regularly supports.

In July, we collect back-to-school supplies for Shepherd's Staff.  A list of items to be donated can be found on the Shepherd's Staff website.

November is Blessings Closet Month at Westminster Church of the Brethren.  Items needed at this time are bathroom tissue, laundry detergent, trash bags, all-purpose cleaner (25-28 oz.), dish soap (16 oz.), shampoo (22-30 oz.), deodorant, diapers for both children and adults, feminine hygiene products, bath soap, and toothpaste.  

These items may be dropped off in the bins in the library of Westminster Church of the Brethren through the end of November.  All donations are greatly appreciated.

Shepherd's Staff Help

Using money from a grant of $3500 provided by Brethren Disaster Ministries, our church purchased food and personal care items for Shepherd's Staff.  A team of eight collected plastic bags.  A different team of five purchased the items both locally and online.  Three other teams of two or three folks assembled bags of items at the church, and another team delivered boxes of the bags to Shepherd's Staff to use for their patrons.  All told, the church made 60 bags of food for a week and 40 bags of personal care items.